Nature and beauty.
Blue sky, big ocean, shining sun, swaying trees… when we are in nature, we feel refreshed.
We want our customers to feel reborn and beautiful, both inside and out. In our warm, friendly and cozy salon, we provide the latest in hair and skin care — always surrounded by the beauty of nature.

About us

C∞can (pronounced Ku-kan) means “space” or “room” in Japanese.
Our salon is made of 3 different “C∞can”: a hair design “C∞can” created by our experienced and talented hair stylists, a spa “C∞can” where we use specially selected products and rejuvenating techniques to help bring out the natural beauty of your skin, as well as provide stress relief, and a shop “C∞can” where you can find unique items that we’ve gathered from all over the world — also where our one-of-a-kind jewelry making classes are held. This unique fusion in our little salon by the sea aims to enhance our customers’ happiness and infinite potential.


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Since my youth, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries for study, travel and work. I spent several years in Los Angeles in the late ’90s, and though I had to go back to Japan after that period, California became my dream destination to return to someday to settle down. Before entering the beauty business, I had worked in the craft industry for almost 10 years and discovered the joy of handmade crafting and art.
In 2007, I took over the cosmetic company and beauty salon business that my mother had run for almost 40 years in Japan. While working as an esthetician, makeup artist, kimono dresser, etc., I found joy in making people beautiful. I opened C∞can to share that joy with my customers. I wish our salon to be your “C∞can” so you can feel like you’re visiting your friend’s house near the ocean to relax.

Salon owner: Misuzu Aisaka

Yudai worked at salons in Omotesando, Tokyo. With his 12 years experience, he did hair for many photo shootings, fashion shows, magazines, TV shows…etc. He specializes in creating one and only style. His clients are always satisfied with his unique and special design. Joined Coocan hair & spa since December 2015.

Master hair stylist: Yudai Harada